Northwest, Rollins collaborate on creative brand unification video


October 12, 2017

Northwest mouse “invades” Rollins HQ as part of brand unification efforts

Northwest Exterminating released a video of its Mouse mascot “breaking into” the Rollins Inc. headquarters, its parent company as of early August.

The collaborative video is a marketing strategy to help unify the two brands. Northwest’s marketing executives are calling it Project Cheese, which aims to support and empower its current and potential brands.

The parent company would like its acquired brands to “think outside the box, stay true to who they are, push the industry forward and foster a culture of relationships and goodwill towards fellow competitors,” the company says in a news release.

Rollins says its goal is to create a “domino effect” within the Rollins family via the “tag you’re it” mentality – Critter Control plays a prank on Western Exterminator, Western plays a prank on HomeTeam Pest Defense, so forth and so on.

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