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March 28, 2018

Professional technician


On p. 14 of the March issue, you’ll see great responses to our question of the month from Dr. Austin FrishmanDr. Doug Mampe and Pete Schopen. But here’s what other PMP contributors had to say about why it’s important for service technicians to look professional.

Paul Hardy: First impressions are essential to our service. Pest control is 70 percent customer relations, 20 percent technology, and 10 percent showing up on time dressed and ready to serve.

Frank Meek: A few years ago, a pest control company complained that one of our international locations was taking too much business from them. When asked why, they said, “Your team came in wearing uniforms and they had all this equipment. The customer said they looked better able to handle the issue.” A professional look provides a perception to the client of the ability to solve problems.

Kurt Scherzinger: Service technicians need to look professional because first impressions mean everything. If customers sees a clean-cut individual show up to do their service, they can have confidence that the job will be done right and with minimal disruption to their environment.

Dr. Stephen Vantassel: It’s important to avoid triggering prejudices that can harm sales conversion rates.

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  1. Dinhcara says:

    i can’t agree more that PCO technician should maintain a neat, professional look, preferably in uniform, and well equipped, and of course, show up on time is a must, but i, as a fellow PCO technician, sometimes got backfired from that. when seeing the “out-standing” appearance, customers tend to have a overestimated expectation on solving their problem, which, in reality, often not to be the situation. as a result of high expectation, comes great disappointment and harm my company.