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August 27, 2018

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We asked and they answered. Here’s how some PMP Magazine contributors replied to: What’s the most important piece of information/advice to give a customer with bed bugs?

Stuart Aust: Make sure customers do, in fact, have bed bugs and not another type of insect. An inspection by a human and a canine is recommended. The customer also can save a sample insect for when you come out for the inspection.

Dr. Austin Frishman: “Do not set off bug bombs; call for professional help ASAP. Remove clutter and try to figure out where you picked up bed bugs to avoid doing it again.”

Paul Hardy: “Bed bugs are very easy to scatter inside the structure; it is best to not start correction until we start treatment procedures. Leave infested items where they are currently located.”

Dr. Doug Mampe: “Don’t throw away your bedding and furniture; we will tell you how to save it.”

Frank Meek: Reassure them it is not a necessarily a cleanliness problem on their part: “It happens, but it can be fixed, provided we work together.”

Kurt Scherzinger: “Do not feel bad or embarrassed about getting bed bugs; it is a common issue that we will work through.” Also, customers should trace back to where they picked up bed bugs, so they can take steps to not introduce them back into their house.

Pete Schopen: There isn’t just one important piece of information; there are several. When we do bed bug jobs, we supply the client with 14 checklist items they must adhere to in order for us to accept the job.

Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian: People with bed bugs often commit acts of desperation. The most important advice to tell them: “Relax. It’s not a good thing (having bed bugs), but it isn’t the end of the world.” All the other advice will work better if they heed this first.

Dr. Stephen Vantassel: “Clean, de-clutter, and follow the pest management professional’s instructions.”

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