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February 28, 2021



A pest control company that cannot turn an obstacle into an opportunity would not be in business long.

This month, our cover story focuses on companies that have met their challenges head. Learn their strategies for success by reading more:

Included is Eastside Exterminators, which successfully retains employees with perks its workers appreciate. Sharon Roebuck, the company’s COO, says when employees at work are happy, their positive attitudes spill over to customers.

Some of the perks Eastside Exterminators offers include:

  • Use of the company’s audiobook/podcast account, so employees can incorporate learning into their days.
  • Surprise lunches or treat bags for employees who work from home, to ensure they still feel connected.
  • Paid seminars and webinars to encourage employees’ professional development.

Our columnists and Editorial Advisory Board members also shared their ideas for the perks and benefits companies of any size could implement to attract workers or keep top talent. See “Pest control experts share employee perks to consider,” for their ideas, from paid time off to diamond rings.

The success of every pest control company depends on its dedicated employees. Get creative and let them know you appreciate their hard work and value their loyalty.


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