Reflecting on 2015’s top stories …


January 29, 2016

… as decided by you, the reader.

January is nearly out the door which means we’ve finally arrived back at what passes for normalcy following the holidays. Now is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on what interested our readers most in 2015.

It should come as a surprise to no one that the number one, most searched topic on PMP’s site was bed bugs. It was the most clicked on category on our site menu and took top prize once again with regard to most-covered pest of the year. The next most popular topics, in order, were: ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies, stinging insects and birds. (A few surprises there.)

But of all the PMP stories our readers gravitated toward the most in 2015, these take top honors. If you haven’t read them, evidently everyone else has so you better catch up and start clicking!

  1. Sheperspective: How Big a Threat is One Bed Bug?
  2. 9 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Pest Infestations

  3. UF/IFAS: Hybrid termite species could spell trouble

  4. Dow sells Vikane, ProFume to Douglas Products

  5. EPA proposes stronger RUP standards

  6. Researchers ID Bed Bug Pheromone

  7. Rentokil to acquire the Steritech Group

  8. BREAKING: EPA proposes curtailing propoxur use

  9. El Nino 2015/16 Likely to Bring a Pest Surge with It

  10. NPMA comments on alleged pesticide misuse incident


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