Q&A: SEO, new services and advertising ROI


July 21, 2016

Photo: ©iStock.com/triloks

Photo: ©iStock.com/triloks

Q: I have been dissatisfied with the results of my search engine optimization (SEO) company. What types of questions should I ask before hiring a new company?

You should ask several questions, including the following: What type of volume increase in traffic is reasonable to expect from your company? How long have you been providing SEO services? How long until I start to see results? How many first-page search engine rankings have you achieved for your clients? How many clients do you have in the pest management industry? Can you provide me with a list of referrals? How much active participation will you require from me? What types of internet marketing services do you offer in addition to SEO? Can you assure me that the SEO strategies and methods you’re using fall under the criteria of best practices for the SEO/search engine marketing (SEM) industry? Can we assume this means no penalties for our website when we switch? Do you offer return on investment (ROI) analysis? What is your formula for determining ROI?

Q: I’m considering adding new services to my existing menu, but I’m nervous about how they will be accepted by my customers. Any tips on how to go about this?

Introduce your new service options to a small percentage of your customers first, to “test the water” and gain input, prior to a general rollout.

Q: What do you consider to be a reasonable advertising ROI?

I’d say 2:1 is acceptable and 3:1 is very good. Anything less than 2:1 is unacceptable.

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