Pest management experts share top add-on services


February 12, 2020

We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial advisory board members to share a good add-on service that pest management professionals (PMPs) could start offering — or enhancing — this year. Here are some of their responses — including a few extra that didn’t make it into our January 2020 print edition. Share some of the add-on services you’ve implemented with us in the comments below or to

PMP’s Regular Contributors

Dan Baldwin, BCE: “Deep sanitation services, bioremediation and drain cleaning. Exclusion done right. Both areas supply client solutions and revenue.”

Greg Baumann: “Going hand-in-hand with interior service work, replacing HVAC air filters every 90 days is a good and simple add-on with no significant capital required. Because the technician is inside already, replacing filters takes just about 30 seconds per return. When customers are elderly or just plain busy, they appreciate the service. Use a good filter, research the ratings, and give the customer premium filters and mark-up accordingly. This service ties nicely with the philosophy of our industry: protection of health and property. Customers appreciate the peace of mind.”

Pete Schopen: “Schopen Pest Solutions is going to be adding door-sweep installs as part of an add-on service for 2020. Some companies already do this, but I think it is a good add-on service for commercial accounts that get rodent issues.”

Mark Sheperdigian, BCE: “Floor drain cleaning for restaurants: Charge by the drain and clean them on a regular basis to prevent them from supporting vinegar flies.”

PMP’s Editorial Advisory Board

Stuart Aust: “Starting or growing a bird control division: For us, it became the most profitable segment of our business. I still think bird control is a best kept secret!”

Ryan Bradbury: “It is time for bed bugs to be included in general pest control service programs. New technologies can now allow PMPs to have a subscription service, rather than a laborious one-sale treatment. This has worked out very well with wood-destroying organisms; there’s no reason it won’t work here, too. Customers want it. Find a way to satisfy them, and simplify your business while enhancing margins.”

Michael Broder: “Rodent exclusion work is a great way to provide long-term protection for customers, especially as the use of rodenticides may become more restricted.”

Doug Foster: “Mosquito and tick service: Heavy media coverage of Eastern equine encephalitis, West Nile virus and Lyme disease has homeowners as well as those in apartment complexes concerned. Fairly easy licensing and low equipment costs make it very attractive to both large and small operators, so entry into this lucrative market is fairly simple. It is also easy to incorporate into your existing routes.

Paul Hardy: “There is a big jump in service that can now be achieved by offering annual service. Customers want results at an affordable cost and less interference to their busy lives. This service was started years ago by Chuck Steinmetz and Dr. Phil Nichols. It is now a proven service that has shown great control. Today’s customer wants reasonable service with education and security, which is an annual service. Not all pest situations will qualify for this service. For example, at my house, we see insects about three times a year, mostly caused by correctable conditions.”

Dr. Faith Oi: “We often talk about exclusion in the context of pest prevention, but we should also emphasize that it can prevent reinfestation of pests that result in callbacks.”

Dr. Stephen Vantassel: “Exclusion services to seal gaps around pipes. Materials are inexpensive, and the service is quick and easy for technicians to learn.”



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  1. Annual Renewals! Services like Rodent Exclusions are a nice addition to any companies revenue. But many leave it at the one time exclusion service. Offering a annual renewal for the quality work you provided is a easy way to provide peace of mind for your customers while turning a one time service into a recurring service. It’s a win win for everyone.