How to generate leads for your pest control company


August 28, 2020

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When you run a pest control business, you want to take steps to ensure your company is a customer’s first choice when they are experiencing pest problems at home or in their business. Running a successful business requires being able to consistently bring in suitable leads. Lead generation is a crucial process for your pest control business because it will build a list of possible clients and lead to more services rendered. Below are some tips on how to generate leads.

1. Create a website for incoming leads

One of the most important components of generating leads is to have a website for potential customers to visit. A website is a way to introduce your business and educate potential customers on the pest control services it offers. Some websites can also be used to set up appointments, offer testimonials and allow users to leave comments. On the front page of your website, have a place for interested visitors to leave their contact information to receive a timely call back to get answers to questions or to set up an appointment.

2. Use social media to get prospects

An invaluable and often free way to generate leads for your pest control company is through the use of social media platforms like Facebook. Many pest control companies may disregard this option because they are not aware of how powerful this tool can be in this day and age. Facebook is one of the best platforms to target your local market. Facebook allows you to target certain demographics such as location, age, family status and income. For example, you may be able to target areas in your service location that have older homes with infestation issues.

3. Take advantage of local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique to help you boost your company’s website ranking in the search engines. Because you are targeting your local area, you want to ensure you are taking advantage of local SEO techniques. When someone searches for pest control companies in your area, your website should be listed high in the search results. To enhance your ranking in the search results, consistently add fresh content to your website with specific local keywords related to your business. Consider hiring an SEO company to help you modify your website so that it ranks better in Google.

4. Online reviews and word-of-mouth advertising

Traditionally, many businesses found success through word-of-mouth advertising. Today, the equivalent to this is online reviews. It does not matter whether they are posted in Google Business Pages, through social media sites or review sites, it is important that each review left for your business is a positive one. Even negative reviews should be responded to in a positive manner to encourage new customers to give you a chance. Follow up with the negative reviews with empathy and try to rectify the problem if possible. Encourage your customers to leave reviews after receiving services.

5. Email marketing

Some businesses make the mistake of thinking email marketing is outdated. Even though it is a method that has been around for many years, it is still a great way to bring in leads for your pest control company. Email is still a widely used service that most people check on a daily basis. Exclusive email marketing will include promotions and information about services your company offers to potential clients. This is important because most pest control clients are not repeat customers when the job was done correctly the first time. Because of this, it is crucial for a pest control business to offer first-time customer promotions and discounts to attract new clients. Email marketing can also be used to keep in touch with past clients who may need to have services rendered again.

6. Improve your Google My Business listing

Another way to bring in pest control leads is to keep up with your Google My Business listings. These businesses show up on Google Maps and Google search pages. Using Google My Business will allow you to post updates about your company to include things like new services offered, highlighted photos, reviews and more. To ensure your listing is optimized, fill out or update your company’s description, categories, hours of operation, company photos, current discounts and offers along with frequently asked questions.

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Mikayla St. Clair

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