Experts share business resolutions for 2021


December 21, 2020



We asked Pest Management Professional‘s columnists and editorial advisory board members to share their No. 1 business resolution for the new year. Here are some of the experts’ responses — including a few extra that didn’t make it into our December 2020 print edition.

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PMP‘s Editorial Advisory Board and Regular Contributors

Greg Baumann: While multi-tasking is necessary in today’s business, I’m focusing on taking extra care to give 110 percent to each customer, and spend a little extra time. Today, the gift of time is so appreciated.

Bobby Jenkins: Work with our sales team to be able to sell all of the ABC Home & Commercial Services Austin services, and work with our service team to turn in more leads for the other services we perform.

Pete Schopen: Open a second office. We are looking to expand farther into Wisconsin, going north of Whitewater.

Stuart Aust: Continue to assist other owners with growing and or selling their companies, as we’ve been truly blessed by being in the pest control industry for 30 years.

Ryan BradburyShow proper appreciation and gratitude to our employees and teams. In 2020, we did an amazing job as an industry, proving we are essential and exemplifying professionalism to residential and commercial customers everywhere.

Michael Broder: Grow our residential base, which has been much more stable during the pandemic.

Doug Foster: Do a better job of delegating. As our business continues to grow, I need to play the part of conductor instead of playing one of the instruments.

Paul Hardy: To advise companies to consider offering annual pest control service, now that technology makes it possible. It has the potential to be more profitable for certain accounts because there’s less service time and fewer materials involved.

Dr. Faith Oi: My No. 1 resolution for 2021: Care for others and protect my team.

Dr. Stephen Vantassel: Finish writing my book.


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