Cockroach control advice from the pros


October 19, 2018



The professionals who contribute to Pest Management Professional have plenty of cockroach control expertise. We asked them: What is one step that will put PMPs on the path to cockroach control?

Stuart Aust: “First, find where the cockroaches are harboring/nesting. Second, determine how they are they gaining access to your client’s home or business. Only then will you be on your way to cockroach control.”

Dr. Jim Fredericks: “Bait. Use lots and lots of small placements in areas of activity.

Dr. Austin Frishman: “With German cockroaches, monitor suspected areas and jump on it as soon as a single cockroach is detected.”

Paul Hardy: “Most important after identification of the infestation is to get the customer involved with the initial inspection. This is the best time to make a good impression and start the PMP partnership.”

Ray Johnson: “To attain cockroach control, you must go on an exploration. Your search must be detailed. Your journey must include each crack and crevice, and leave no stone unturned. Like a detective, your investigation must include asking questions about where cockroaches are being seen. Your flashlight must be used and must be bright.”

Dr. Doug Mampe: “Determine the original source, and then eliminate it.”

Frank Meek: “Know thine enemy. Understanding the animal will allow you to properly predict its actions, and offer control and infestation prevention.”

Eric Scherzinger: “Use monitors and flushing agents to know where cockroaches are harboring and to help determine the most effective areas for bait placements.”

Mark Sheperdigian: “When you’re great at inspection and monitoring, cockroach control becomes much easier.”

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